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  • Category: Automation
  • Price: Rs. 4999

Our New Product "Smart Switch Board"

Introducing the Smart SwitchBoard, the revolutionary device that brings smart technology to your fingertips! With its advanced features and intuitive app, this device allows you to control your home's switches using just your voice.

The Smart SwitchBoard is a smart device that allows you to make your switchboard smarter than ever before. With its powerful app, you can easily control all of your switches, from the comfort of your smartphone. Whether you want to turn off the lights or switch on the fan, this device is your ultimate solution.

Using the latest speech-to-text technology, the Smart SwitchBoard can detect your voice and translate it into commands. This means that you can control your switches using just your voice, without even having to touch them! Imagine being able to switch off the lights from the comfort of your bed, or turning on the fan while you're cooking in the kitchen - all with just your voice.

With the Smart SwitchBoard, you can make your entire home smarter, with just the need for installation. The device is designed to integrate with your existing switchboard, making it the perfect choice for any home.

So why wait? Take the first step towards a smarter, more efficient home with the Smart SwitchBoard!